Forum Title: Why do I get condensation in my windows?
Good morning, I am seeing condensation in the lower portion of my windows. The windows which face north seem to be the worst, but all the windows seem to be having this take place. Does this mean my windows are bad, or is there another issue? The house was built in 1965, and I don't know how old the windows are or if they were ever replaced. Some look newer than others, but all have the same issue throughout the home. I have blinds covering all the windows, and drapes in the bedroom and living room windows as well. The blinds and drapes are all closed during the night, and open during day. Any suggestions on where to go from here? I have also attached pictures to show what I am seeing as of right now. Thanks
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WALTER HILL (Orange, CA), 01/15/2019

Is that part of the carpet loose or is it tacked or glued down? Most any metal edge piece or hardwood that will cover the bare spot should work.

- FRANCES PHILLIPS (Newton, MA), 02/17/2019

The condensation is on the window inside of the house.

- MIGUEL FULLER (Meridian, ID), 03/03/2019

The windows appear fairly new since they are vinyl. You have warm, moist air inside our home, and cold air outside. The condensation you have is very common in the winter months and will likely get worse as the temps drop this weekend. You want to reduce the relative humidity (RH) in the home by using exhaust fans when using the shower or cooking. Lower your setting on your humidifier if you have one. Use you heat recovery ventilator if you have one. These may or may not help depending on the RH in your home. If the condensation is starting to damage the wood jamb the only other thing you can do (other then replacing the windows, and even that might not help) is to install a plastic window insulator kit.

- GREGORY GREEN (San Bernardino, CA), 02/07/2019

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