Forum Title: Stopping a front door from slamming hard
Hello! The front door to my apartment is very old and heavy, with some really old hinges. It slams shut really hard when left to close on its own. I have no idea how to adjust the hinges because I don't know what type of hinges they are! They look like this: They're covered in layers of old paint, but I noticed that they have several small holes at the bottom of each cylinder. Does anyone know how to adjust them? I really searched the forums and didn't see any information about this. I would love to find out, thank you very much in advance!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KIMBERLEY S (Miami, FL), 01/12/2019

#1, no one on any web site can see what your seeing, need pictures inside and out. No close up's needed! We have no clue what type siding you have or how you plan to trim them out.

- CALVIN SCHULTZ (Hampton, VA), 03/06/2019

Sometimes you can take a hinge pin out and whack it with a hammer just enough to bend it slightly. That creates enough friction for the door to move slower. btw - welcome to the forums!

- KATHRYN CRUZ (Bloomington, MN), 02/25/2019

It may very well be there's a fire code involved here to have that self closing door in rental units there. Fastest way to slow down a fire and contain it to one unit is close all doors.

- DIANE TORRES (Abilene, TX), 03/04/2019

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