Forum Title: Replacing / recreating grilles
Most of the windows in my house have removable grilles (the decorative crossed horizontal/vertical bars). Several have fallen out and broken for various reasons and a couple are beyond repair. I have tried to determine the manufacturer of the window but there's no identifiable information (nor were we the ones who put the windows in). I've talked to Lowe's and a local seller of windows, neither was really any help on sourcing a replacement. Do you think I have any chance of sourcing a replacement? Do I have any shot of creating one myself? The challenge I have had to far is sourcing the wood. The molding aisle at Lowe's/THD doesn't have something similar. Any advice is much appreciated!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Patrick J. Mosner (Rapid City, SD), 01/10/2019

If the condensation is between the panes of glass, then there is an IGU failure and the pane needs replacement. If the condensation is on the outside, then the warm air from the inside is eeking out conductively and is allowing the colder air to form water condensation. Leaving the drapes open during the day is probably when the heat transfer takes place. Try leaving the drapes closed one day and let us know the extent of condensation.

- CLINTON PADILLA (Sheboygan, WI), 02/19/2019

Having painted/stained more of those grilles than I care to think about - I'd be inclined to do without them. You might be able to take the grilles from one window and install them on another if you need to keep some symmetry.

- KIMBERLY HARRIS (Eugene, OR), 03/04/2019

Here are a couple photos of the window. It's not a large window, so seems feasible. But any advice on where to source such wood? Having trouble finding it.

- JAMES SMITH (League City, TX), 02/25/2019

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