Forum Title: Pocket window vs full frame replacement
I would like to replace all the windows in my house. There are (8) typical, single sized double hung units and the living room has a triple wide(3 separate windows next to one another). One of our windows was already replaced prior to us buying the home several years back, and it's a cheap vinyl window - pretty sure it's the low-end Home Depot model, I think they call that American Craftsman or something. Anyhow, What I hate about vinyl replacement windows is that they reduce the actual window/glass size because of the obvious fact that they are frame and sash, all in one. Are there any pocket windows that are not as I described? Decent replacement windows that look good and don't scream replacement? I was also considering replacing these windows with real-deal units, like Anderson 200 series or above, depending on cost. I do realize that it takes about 30 minutes to replace a window with a simple vinyl pocket replacement, and that it is a tremendously greater amount of trouble to replace a window with a real, full frame unit. So, what are the opinions here? What are my options? I'm open to any criticisms and/or advice I can get - even if I'm told you're CRAZY to not just use pocket replacements. Please keep in mind, between myself and my father-in-law, skill level is not a factor. Cost per window, however, is definitely a factor. Thanks!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: PEGGY HENDERSON (Greensboro, NC), 01/07/2019

It would be unusual for a door of that age to have been made with veneer, but it definitely looks like there is veneer and some of it has peeled off. I wonder if someone covered the panels with veneer during an earlier attempt as restoration. The ideal route would probably be to replace the panels, but that involves disassembling the door. It's not impossible to do but can be quite a challenge. Is it just the one panel that has damaged veneer? Your best bet might be to remove the remaining veneer on the damage panel and try replacing it with new veneer. It looks like red oak and veneer is readily available, although it will likely be a lot thinner than the piece that's on there now. Once the damaged section is repaired, then you are faced with refinishing the door. It will be nearly impossible to get the new section to match that old finish, depending on how fussy you are. If you're not happy with the condition of the rest of the door, then you are looking at stripping and refinishing, which of course will allow you to get a good match overall.

- LEON BOWMAN (Bolingbrook, IL), 02/18/2019

I've installed hundreds of replacement windows and never once had a customer mention anything about the reduced glass area. What type siding do you have? Are your's the old wooden windows with weights on the sides?

- LESTER BARNETT (Oak Lawn, IL), 02/23/2019

Well I had replacement windows put in and you do get less glass area, but not enough to make it a big deal. I don't think it's an unknown fact.

- FELIX HIGGINS (Killeen, TX), 03/07/2019

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