Forum Title: Door knob damaging drywall
When my front entry door is opened all the way, it bangs against the wall and damages the drywall. The obvious solution is a door stop but I have hardwood floors and the door stop just slides along the floor and doesn't stop the door. I really don't want to tape the door stop or use adhesive to make it stick to the floor, so is there anything I can put on the wall in the form of padding that will stop the door.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: AMBER WILLIAMSON (Shreveport, LA), 01/23/2019

Where's the condensation? Must not be very bad, can't even see it in the pictures. If it's on the glass and you can wipe it off with your fingers, that's fairly normal when you have low outside temps, and humidity over 25% inside the house. If the condenastion is on your flex wrap, the only explanation for that is that you have air leakage that is letting cold air into the house. If you can feel any air movement through your spray foam on a windy day, then you don't have it insulated very well, and that's probably the source of the cold air that is causing the condensation. A good way to search for drafty air leaks is to use a smoking incense stick (or fireworks punk) and hold it near the window on a windy day. If your spray foam has holes in it, which I'm guessing it does, that is where your draft (and condensation) is coming from. You would be wise to dig it all out (use a keyhole / drywall saw) and replace it, doing a better job this time. Don't know what kind you used, but hopefully it was specifically for windows and doors, and not the Great Stuff in the red can. I also detest the practice of wrapping the housewrap into the rough opening (I refuse to do it) and I believe that is often a source of air leaks and condensation. If you insulate between the window and the housewrap, what keeps air from following the back of the housewrap right into the house? (Housewrap is hardly ever installed as a 100% tight air barrier where all the edges are sealed) I prefer to cut the housewrap at the exterior edge of the rough opening.

- PATRICIA JOHNSON (La Habra, CA), 02/07/2019

They sell stops that slide onto the top hinge pin, others that are screwed into the baseboard. The uglest ones are just a round piece of plastic that sticks to the wall.Search Results for door stops at The Home Depot

- RUBEN LOWE (Roseville, CA), 02/01/2019

Don't know why you wouldn't be able to put a door stopper on the baseboard. [ATTACH=CONFIG]62162[/ATTACH]

- AMANDA NELSON (Springdale, AR), 02/28/2019

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